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There are a plethora of sexual acts that the State of Texas deems as criminal. These crimes include acts committed between minors and adults, pedophilia, rape, domestic abuse, acts between adults without consent, and more. These crimes are prosecuted swiftly and decisively because they are often seen among many different groups of people as "the worst." The Law Office of Scott D. Reiner, PLLC understands the harshness and often loathing with which accused perpetrators of sex crimes are viewed. Our goal is to defend you as our client while keeping in mind the laws we are committed to.

What Constitutes a Sex Crime in Texas?

Sex crimes are defined by penal code 22.011 in the State of Texas. These crimes are committed against individuals who cannot provide consent for sexual activity (such as minors, the mentally disabled, or individuals who are considered legally drunk), persons of age and decisional capacity who have explicitly stated that they do not want to participate in a sexual act, and individuals faced with officers of the court or other legal, and therefore powerful, individuals who compel them to participate in a sex act. Criminal sexual acts are not limited by gender or orientation, and include penetrative acts with a sex organ as well as other means. These acts can occur anywhere on the body, and are by definition, classified as a second degree felony.

Crimes committed against children may require the alleged assailant to register as a sex offender. This status often lasts indefinitely and must be made known to the public by way of a sex offender registry. If released after time served, having your name on this registry greatly affects where you can live, areas you may be restricted from, and the types of jobs you may or may not hold.

What Consequences Will I Face If I Am Charged With a Sex Crime?

If you are found guilty of a sex crime, you will most certainly be sentenced to jail anywhere from two to 95 years. Fines up to $10,000 are likely to be imposed and other sanctions may apply, depending on how many times you have offended, whom you have offended, and whether or not physical violence was used.

If you have criminally and sexually violated a child, you will be forbidden from getting within a 500 foot radius of a child safety zone. You may be assigned a parole officer who is responsible for supervising your whereabouts indefinitely, and you may be required to wear an electronic monitoring device. It is highly unlikely that you will be allowed to return to your previous job or place of employment, particularly if you were a you were a teacher, healthcare worker, or sports coach.

What Do I Do if I Am Accused of Committing a Sex Crime in Texas?

It is in your absolute best interest to secure legal representation as soon as you are accused of a sex crime, no matter whom you are accused of hurting. Texas law favors victims and often abides by the dictum of "the victim is always right."

Truth be told, not all victims tell the whole truth, or any of it for that matter. Those who are accused of committing any number of heinous sexual crimes can end up serving time for felonies they did not, nor would ever, commit. Defendants, as much as plaintiffs, deserve to be listened to and adjudicated fairly under the law.

The Reiner Law Firm Can Help If You Have Been Accused of Committing a Sex Crime

The Reiner Law Firm believes unequivocally in the presumption of innocence. Our team understands that situations are not always as they seem and that cases are not always as they are initially presented. If you have been accused of committing any type of sex crime in Houston, Texas or its surrounding areas, it may be in your best interests to maintain complete distance from your accuser and call Reiner Law Firm today. Do not wait for the law to decide on your future without our help.

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