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Family Law Attorney HoustonHouston family law is consisted of two primary principalities: Marriage and Children. Disuniting husband or wives need to secure a Decree of Divorce to legitimately sever the relationship. It method incorporates splitting the goods from the marriage – both the residential or commercial property and parental civil rights and obligations (if children). Texas is a community property state, which in turn indicates two varieties of assets exist: community and separate. Throughout divorce, a court can part the marital estate that is consisted of community property (both debts and assets).

Texas Family Law Stats & Facts

  • Divorce cases comprised 12% of the new family cases between 1985 to 2013
  • “All other family law matters” increased 279% between 1985 to 2013 to record-high of 151,770 cases
  • Divorce and all other family law filings declined 4% from 2013 to 2014
  • Child support cases with court orders rose 476 percent from 211,085 in 1991 to 1,216,257 in 2014
  • Family law cases comprised the largest share (39.8 percent) of the cases in 2014

Parental freedoms and roles are designated in a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR)if children are involved. Throughout Texas, parents are related to as “conservators” and two styles of conservators exist: Managing and Possessory. SAPCRs furthermore include child support. Texas considers child support depended on a parents net regular monthly resources. A regulation of medical support is usually included. Whether or not you are dealing with any or all of the above, there really is no replacement for aggressive and knowledgable assistance. Contact Houston TX  Family Law Attorney Scott D. Reiner to review your legal matter.

Houston Divorce

Although there is a huge percentage of family divorce cases in the United States, the procedure can truly be more difficult than most people would think. There are many factors and facets of a married couple’s life with one another that are reviewed through the dissolution of the marriage, including assets, funds/finances, and children. Therefore, select a lawyer who has the equitable combination of empathy and assertive representation of your legal rights and interests is imperative to the final result of the divorce process.

In the case that you are considering a divorce in Houston or have been dealt divorce papers, the Houston divorce attorney of Law Office of Scott D. Reiner, PLLC is prepared to assist you throughout the process. Scott D. Reiner is interested in matters ranging from property division to administration of orders. Contact the office at 832-380-8700 to examine your situation with a divorce lawyer today.

Houston Child Custody

As vital as it may be for parents to defend the interests of their children, the divorce procedure and other family legal issues can possibly make that process difficult for the parents involved to come an understanding about the conditions of that process. When the arrangement ins’t possible, parents usually require the use of the courts to determine custody of the children, together with the right to make crucial decisions. Parents can find the custody dispute of their children may be one of the most troublesome arguments throughout the divorce. The possibility of losing guardianship of your children is legitimate, and the court hearings should not be taken faintly.

Taking all of this into consideration, if you are pursuing the custody of your children, you will need all of the resources and assistance that is available to you to effective contest the matter. The child custody lawyer in Houston TX is committed to defending the legal liberties of clients while working through the complex and impassioned legal matters that are involved in the child custody battle, including child support and visitation benefits.

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