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Following a divorce, you may end up providing your former spouse with financial support, also called alimony. Alimony may be agreed upon between two parties, or you may be facing a situation where alimony is court mandated. In Texas, court mandated alimony is referred to as “spousal maintenance” and comes with its own set of requirements. No matter the scenario, you will need legal help to handle the court proceedings associated with spousal maintenance.


The court will order spousal maintenance if the spouse receiving aid will not have the ability to meet their basic needs during the divorce. Spousal maintenance may be ordered if any of the following circumstances occur:


  • Family violence is involved in the two years prior to divorce.
  • One spouse has difficulty earning enough to survive.
  • The child rearing spouse needs additional help to raise the child.

Courts do not usually resort to making an order for spousal maintenance. Rather, it is up to the spouse seeking support to convince the court that they need financial aid during the time of the divorce and beyond. Proving a case for financial support is a legal issue with plenty of factors that require a legal representative to help sort through.


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Houston alimony court proceedings and other divorce issues can create a recipe for disaster if not handled appropriately. The end result of an alimony hearing may lead to financial troubles that can follow you for the rest of your life. The Law Office of Scott D. Reiner focuses on alimony cases like yours and works to make sure that you are able to bring agreements to a level you are comfortable with. Call now for free consultation on your alimony case today.


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