Divorce Attorney in Houston

What is a Suit for Dissolution of Marriage? This is just another term for a divorce in Texas.  Whether you are contemplating divorce or have been served with divorce papers,  Divorce Attorney Scott D. Reiner can assist you in the divorce process.

What if my spouse and I agree to get divorced?  Agreeing to get a divorce is just the first step in the process.  A truly uncontested divorce requires an agreement on all of the following: division of property, division of parental rights and duties, and both child support and medical support.  Contact Divorce Attorney Scott Reiner if you seek assistance with your divorce.

In Texas, property during a divorce is divided in a just in right manner.  However, only certain types of property are subject to division: community property.  Marital property Attorney Scott Reiner can assist you in dividing property during divorce.

While only community property is subject to division during divorce, it can often times be difficult to determine whether something is community or separate property.  To further complicate matters, it is possible that property otherwise not subject to division can become eligible.  Contact Marriage Dissolution Lawyer Scott Reiner for assistance during divorce.

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