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Law Office of Scott D. Reiner attempts to give advice and counseling so our clients are well prepared to go through their custody case in the Bellaire area. Our professional legal team can give you the counseling that over 2 years experience affords us.

Every custody case is unique in our Bellaire community, but our over 2 years of practice has more than prepared us to assist you. Let Law Office of Scott D. Reiner help you make up for lost time and ground by fighting for you.

In every case that we handle at Law Office of Scott D. Reiner, we try to bring about the most timely and efficient end possible. If it is not possible to attain this, then we shift our gears toward providing smart, aggressive and efficient representation to our Bellaire clients during their custody case.

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custody matters can be confusing. Do not let that affect your case in Bellaire area courts. Call our professional team at Law Office of Scott D. Reiner today for guidance through such confusing times.

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